Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that for social initiatives to be scalable and sustainable, they need to be driven with a stated intent "For Profit" . Chikanbarn is an initiative which we at Uplytics are passionate about

Chikankari is an ancient form of hand embroidery, intricately worked by artisans (mostly very poor women) in and around the city of Lucknow (UP) where Uplytics is located. ChikanbarnTM ( is a “For Profit” social initiative (CSR) from Uplytics where 2% of the platform revenues are directly spend towards the benefits of the artisans. Chikanbarn leverages the power of Social Media and partnering with leading ecommerce websites in India like Flipkart, Amazon , Ebay intends to create a brand which can provide direct market access to the artisans. Read More in our blog