Collaborative Decision Making

We are working on building analytics driven collaborative platforms that can help enhance the decision making abilities of individuals. Some of our initiatives aligned around this theme are detailed below

Choosing the right career is one of the most significant decision one makes in his/her lifetime. For most, this choice is made without exploring either the environment or within oneself. is a platform build on O*NET, the largest career database in the world and utilizes the latest research in decision theory and analytics to help facilitate an individuals search for his/her calling. The platform provides comprehensive multi trait assessment capabilities (interest, values , work style/personality , abilities and skills), career information and exploration tools (e.g. a MOOC search engine).

Targeted for both career straters and experienced professionals the overall framework leverages established HR theories to also bring data driven predictive capabilities to help individuals compare important decision factors (e.g. tenure, satisfaction etc.) before committing to a long term decision

We are currently in the process of psychometric validation of the assessments for use in India. We are also working in providing a model driven approach, collaborative tools, a learning framework and intelligent recommendation capabilities.

Availability of easy information, far from making us equal, is only furthering the divide; not between the have and have-nots, but between those who can and cannot assimilate and analyze the information in time. People with privileged access to information, fixing of opinions, markets >and outcomes are always going to be at an unfair advantage?

Is there help at hand? Research shows how Information Markets or Prediction Markets (based on the wisdom of crowds) are better in foreseeing outcomes of future events than any other source ... is India's answer to that need....a unique and India's first prediction market where you can bid/bet on future events and win the appreciation of the Community and in the process help individuals make better choices. Event based research offerings are available to event sponsors and corporates is an evolving platform with potential applications in a wide array of domains (like stock market, sports, buying decisions etc.). The beta tests for the site were conducted for predicting the Lok Sabha 2014 elections where participation and feedback was obtained.